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Monday, August 30, 2010

What I have

Sometimes it's easy to take blessings for granted...to grow accustom to the little gifts we experience every day. Sometimes I fail to recognize exactly what I have and how good I have it. For example, I have five wonderful daughters. I experienced the miracle of childbirth five times. And I have been the center of the world for five different little people. I have been loved intensely and unconditionally-- they have preferred me over anyone else on the planet. When they wake up in the night they call my name; I get to spend the midnight hours holding one of God's most precious creations. Every day I am nearly smothered in hugs and kisses. I get to experience the day-to-day miracle of watching someone grow-- and I am instrumental in helping them learn and develop. I get to see portions of myself emerge in the personality, mannerisms, and beliefs of another human being.

Because there is "opposition in all things" each of these blessings come with little irritations and inconveniences. And it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the demands placed on my time and energy because I am "the Mom." But recently I've had my attention focused on people who long to share the blessings-- and irritations-- that I get to experience every day. It makes me see how truly blessed I really am. I am a Mother. And I am rich.


Shana said...

Oh I loved this! I have been feeling the same way! At times we are often frustrated as Mother at the demands that come from our little ones... but I never take them for granted because there are mothers out there who have had a child pass away that long for those irratations and frustrations because they are few and far between the love that you feel coming from them!! They are so precious and this time truly passes too quickly!
Gorgeous picture!

Abbi said...

What an awesome post. That picture of you with Chloe is so precious. I love your perspective of being a mom. You truly are rich. (And SUCH a good mom.)