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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you shop?

I do not like to shop. It stresses me out. So many choices and so much money. But I'm wondering if maybe I don't like to shop because I do it wrong. Here is my method: I go a long time without buying anything. And then I hit a wall where I realize most of my clothes are old and a little shabby. So I go to the store determined to reinvent myself and to come away looking stylishly fabulous. But in the store I walk around, look at price tags, find maybe one or two things that fit and are comfortable and then retreat. Probably not the best formula for maintaining a cute wardrobe.

So, I am coming to you for advice. How do you shop? Where do you shop? How often do you shop? Do you shop for outfits or pieces that you then mix and match? And how do you find the best deals?

Please, share your shopping secrets and strategies!!!


Sweetest Of All said...

Ross or TJ Maxx. Cheap. And I used to go occasionally to grab one piece every month or so. That way I can find the good deals. I'll fall in love with like ten things and each trip have to whittle it down to my all time fave piece. That means, some good stuff goes, but I'm left with some thing I love, and in the budget.

Michelle Pyne said...

Tip number one: find the stores that carry things you like and look good in. Go back to those stores.

Tip number two: Shop the sales. They take place at the end of every season. Summer stuff goes on sale the end of July. Winter stuff goes on sale in January (but Christmas sales are worth watching, because they want to motivate you to buy). Autumn stuff goes on sale in November. Spring stuff goes on sale in May/June. Shop the more expensive stores then because you can get nice clothes for alot less.

Tip number three: It is way too expensive to re-outfit yourself in one shopping trip. Make regular trips (especially during sale time) and buy a few things. That way you won't have to fork out large amounts of money when everything you own needs to be replaced.

Tip number four: Invest in clothes that are classic in style and will look acceptable over a long period of time. If you want something trendy, just get one or two things, not a whole wardrobe. Trendy things are less acceptable after they go out of style.

Tip number five: Be sure to examine the quality of the fabric and the construction of the clothes you buy. A 'cheap' item can often turn out to cost you much more per wearing than something more expensive because it wears out quickly. Identify those brands that are good quality but less expensive and go back to them.

Sorry I got a little carried away.

Jen said...

I second all the tips above. I add a personal note to Michelle's #2. I used to shop only TJ Maxx and Ross, and end of season sales. Then one time I caught a Thanksgiving weekend sale, and I couldn't believe how much broader the selection was before it was picked over by the hoardes of holiday shoppers. I had a much easier time finding something I wanted and liked that looked good in the early sale because the selection was so much better.

One other thing, I like to pre-shop stores like Old Navy or Target online sometimes. I can get an idea of what is in the store and if it's worth my time and effort to go look. Also, sometimes the clearance stuff is cheaper on the shelf at my store than it is online, so if it looks like you might like it, it's sometimes worth checking the store before you order online. It probably depends on the area.