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Thursday, June 17, 2010

We miss McKenna!

(McK on Tuesday at 5:45 am--all packed up and ready to go!)

McKenna is at Girls' Camp and we are all really missing her! I hope that she is sleeping well, that her bed is staying dry and that her tent is staying upright. (She called at 9:30 Tuesday night to tell us that there was a big thunderstorm and that their tent was collapsing and there was water everwhere!) I hope she is getting along with the other girls and that she is making new friends. I hope that she is having FUN. And most of all I hope that she is learning more about who she is and who the Lord wants her to be. She is such a wonderful, beautiful, kind, helpful girl. I can't wait to see her tomorrow and to get a full report on her whole experience.


Abbi said...

Love that girl! And I hope she's had a good time too!

Michelle Pyne said...

You have to be pretty brave to go to Girl's Camp! I hope McKenna has a great time!