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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Long Lost Cousins

On Saturday night we had a little family reunion for all of the members of the P* family living in Georgia. The purpose was to get to know one of my 2nd cousins and his wife and son. We recently discovered the connection when my great-uncle Max came to visit them and made them promise to look us up. They were true to their promise and we were finally able to get together (thanks to Abbi's coordination!) on Saturday. It is always so interesting to me how family bonds are there even with people who have never met each other. We really enjoyed spending the evening with them and look forward to more P* family reunions in the future! (And it makes me wonder how many more long-lost cousins I have!!)

(And just as a side-note: If you ever want to get a large group to look at the camera, use a self-timer with a blinking light. We got this picture in ONE take!!)


Emma said...

Great pic of the family! I love Kyle's one sock or is that Jordan? I was never good at telling them apart.

Michelle said...

That is so great! And I recognize that long lost Mrs. Pyne. Melissa was a roommate of mine in Provo. She is so great! How awesome and what a small world!

Elaine said...

That is going to make Uncle Max so happy that you did that. How fun!!!