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Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mom is Amazing

The older I get, the better I am able to appreciate my Mom. For most of my life I just saw her as "My Mom." I knew that she had interests and talents and goals, but everything about her was distorted by a very self-centered filter. Now that I am older and am a mother myself I can better appreciate who she is. I can relate with the feelings and frustrations that she must have experienced. And the more I get to know her, the more in awe of her I become.

(My Mom and Me in 1979.)
She has so many of the talents that I desire. Her sewing skills are amazing, she serves diligently in her church callings, she is very intelligent (I would not have been nearly as good of a student without her constant tutoring!!), she is elegant and refined, selfless and hardworking.
(My Mom and Dad in 1994)
When I reflect back on the memories I have of my Mom I cannot remember her sitting down. She was always working at something-- tidying the house, folding laundry, making calls for Young Womens stuff (she served in the Young Womens organization pretty much her entire life), doing yardwork, sewing dolls or quilts. But as busy as she was, she always made time to listen to me. It was obvious that we were your priority.

(At the Portland Temple for a youth baptism trip in 1994)
Of the many things she taught and exemplified, the one legacy that has had the most impact on me is her testimony of the gospel and her faith in the Lord's plan. I remember her kneeling by her bed in the night and mornings and reading her scriptures while she ate breakfast. I remember her going visiting teaching, fulfilling her callings, and reaching out to fellowship those that were struggling. And when I had problems she always helped me to see how the gospel would help me to overcome or endure.
(Our family in 1993)
Thank you, Mom, for being everything that you are. Now, among my many blessings, one of the things I cherish most is the relationship with you. You are one of my best friends. I love you so much.


Michelle Pyne said...

Wow. Thank you so much for those kind, generous words. I am overwhelmed with thanks for my children. They are my superiors in every way. How I got so fortunate to be their mother I'll never know, but I am humbly grateful for that blessing. Thank you for making Mother's Day a day of joy and happiness for me!

Audra said...

We love you Mom! We know how lucky we are to have you! You are amazing!

Chris said...

I've always admired your mom. She really is a great example to me and others. She's a wonderful sisterinlaw also. What a nice tribute to her Jessi. I'm sure her heart swelled. Love you . Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day..

Andrea said...

Your mom is amazing. Every time I hear her in church I am amazed by what a wonderful person she is. She is so spiritual and embodies what it means to live your life the way we are supposed too. :)