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Monday, March 15, 2010

Windsor Castle

When we were planning our itinerary we had to decide between visiting Windsor Castle and Hampton Court. We decided to see Windsor Castle and I'm so glad we did. (Although someday I really, really want to see Hampton Court as well!)

At Windsor you get a great sense of both the past and present-day monarchy. From the outside it looks like a medieval castle, but because it is a current royal residence it still functions in modern times. One of my favorite rooms in the castle was St. George's hall-- the site of formal state dinners held at Windsor. I was also impressed with the amazing art collection. It felt a little like visiting the National Gallery all over again.

On the Windsor property is St. George's chapel. King Henry VIII was buried here with his wife Lady Jane Seymour. Lots and lots of history!!!

After touring Windsor Castle we stopped at a little pub called the "Horse and Groom" for some fish and chips. Yummy, yummy! (Have you ever tried putting vinegar on your fish and chips? So good!)


Sweetest Of All said...

Don't tell my husband, he's already gotten my children addicted to rice vinegar and steamed veggies. He loves vinegar.

Abbi said...

Jessi, I LOVE your pictures! I think that last picture of me (with Audra) is so funny--talk about broken leg, haha! :) Thanks for posting all these pictures, I keep wanting to come back to your blog to look at them. I had such a good time traveling with you, you make the best travel partner (and sister)! Love you!!

Audra said...

I know, Abbi. What are you doing with your leg? Like Abbi, I keep coming back to our London photos and keep looking at them over and over. Wasn't that trip just so amazing!