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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Total validation

Like most parents, I often second guess myself. Am I doing a good job as a mother? Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, a couple days ago McKenna wrote a little essay that made my heart sing. Hopefully she won't mind my sharing it.

Her essay is titled "Why my Mom and Dad are the Best."

She wrote:

I know that my mom is the best because she loves me and cares for me. She cares about the smallest and biggest things that happen to me. Like, she cares if I am growing or shrinking. She also wants to help me if I am crying or hungry. When I am uncomfortable, she tries to make me comfortable by telling me she loves me or by singing to me.

My dad is the greatest dad in the whole universe because he wants to get me involved with the world. He also wants me to feel good about myself. He even helps me play sports and do activities. My dad also listens to me when I tell him about my troubles in school or with my friends. He helps me with math because it is not my best subject.

So my mom and dad cherish me and want me to be loved, so I love them, just as much as they love me!

I'm not a perfect Mom. (I'm sure that if you ask McKenna on another day she'd be happy to tell you all the things I do wrong.) But I also must be doing some things right. I do love my kids. Oh, how I love them!!! It makes me happy to know they feel that love and that they know I'm doing my very best as their mother.

I'm also thankful I have David as my partner. He compensates for a lot of my shortcomings and is such a good dad. He really IS the best.

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Michelle Pyne said...

McKenna's report touches my heart. Love between family members is a treasure. You are a very wealthy family!