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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dinner-time Drama

(Summer pouting because she didn't like what I made for dinner.)

I'm not a picky eater. I never have been. Growing up I pretty much ate whatever my Mom made. Sometimes I didn't love it, but I ate it. So, I'm totally confused by my picky kids. Every night one or more of my children throws a fit about what we're having. McKenna doesn't like pizza, spaghetti, stroganoff, minestrone soup, enchiladas, or meatloaf. Lydia doesn't like Hawaiian Haystacks, lasagna, tacos, white bean chile, cheese-stuffed jumbo shells, or baked chicken. Emily doesn't like Cheesy Broccoli soup, garden burgers, lemon spaghetti, chinese chicken and veggies, or BBQ chicken pizza. Summer doesn't like maccaroni and cheese, sandwiches, pasta cheese casserole, pasta primavera or pulled chicken sandwiches.

The only things they agree on are salmon, meatballs, or pancakes.



Shana said...

WOW! I am surprised... Salmon?? I thought I had it bad... I guess you do! :( I am sorry!!! That is so hard on Mom. I always feel bad when my kids complain after I spent an hour preparing a nice meal. I am sure they will not be so picky once they get older. Hopefully. Daxton is my picky eater. He drives me crazy!

Stacey said...

Totally relate only no one ate the Salmon I made last night except Kelsey! It is just so hard to be motivated to cook dinner when I know one of my children is going to complain! Arg!!!

Andrea said...

I thought that I had it hard. It looks like you have it much harder. I had the exact same thing happen to me last night. I made goulash (how every you spell it) and Shane would not touch it. I think that is one of the more frustrating things as a mom is you make dinner and they don't tough it. AAAAAHHHHH is right.
I'll come eat what you make!! :)

Chris said...

I used to always tell my kids that I'm not a restaurant. You eat what we eat or you go hungry. I was pretty lucky that they weren't so picky thank goodness.

Angela Draper said...

I loved the list for each girl! I know I am only just entering the picky stages. Good luck!

Oh and even though I saw pastas on a few girl's list, have you tried our salmon pasta? This is one of our favs http://awesomeandamazing.wordpress.com/2009/02/14/salmon-pasta/

Sweetest Of All said...

OHMYGOSH. What a list of dislikes.

My daughter is picky too. Yesterday I gave her a two minute countdown to finish her meal before being placed outside on the patio table in the cold. She chose the cold and then chose NOT to eat still, sitting out there shivering until the grandparents had pity on her and let her inside. She is so darn picky I don't know what to do. So I'm going back to the number of bites per age rule. You have to do your after dinner chores, but then you can sit at the table all night until they take the number of bites for every year of age and then they can be done. Any complaints about a meal at the beginning, and they go to bed without dinner. It's tough but working so far. I just can't deal with dinner drama with dad gone at meals.