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Thursday, January 21, 2010


A couple days ago I let Summer take some pictures with my camera. When I went to upload the photos yesterday I found this picture of Emily. Climbing on the banister is a big NO-NO in our house. And she was caught. Kind of likes those dumb criminal stories. :) I showed her the picture and asked her what she thought her consequence for disobeying should be. She decided to be grounded from the computer.

But it makes me wonder what else I'm missing. Maybe I should let Summer use my camera more often!


Michelle Pyne said...

Oh oh. Caught in the act! Summer might be meant for a career as a private investigator.

I hope nobody's taking pictures of me when I'm being naughty!

Shana said...

I LOVE Aunt Michelles comment!! haha!! Are you ever naughty?? ;) You're so funny.

On the other hand... I am right there with you-- I hope no one is taking pics of me either!! ;)

And yes, you totally should let her take pics more often!! You never know what they do behind our backs! And that is the scary thing!!

I am constantly telling Brayden & Daxton... "I just hope that when I am not there with you and you are at school or in other places where I am not around that you will ALWAYS choose the right and make me proud! Never do drugs, do bad things with girls, drink alcohol, use bad language, etc..." They always promise me they never will... but the scary thing is-- We don't really know. Of course we have our suspicions, but we never actually KNOW unless we catch them or they tell us.

Sorry to go off, I was just thinking about that! :)