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Saturday, December 12, 2009


(Photo credit: my super awesome sister, Audra)
Taken on the "cow road" across the street from our neighborhood.

I'm someone who totally craves the ideal. But let's face it-- life isn't always ideal. My kids fuss and fight. I lose my patience. My house isn't ever exactly in order. And David isn't always home. But whenever I look at pictures of my family I realize how close to ideal my life is. I live in a gorgeous area; my girls really do love each other; David and I are loyal, committed, and in love; I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel; and I have more to be thankful for than I have to want. Life isn't always ideal....but quite often it can come very, very close.


Audra said...

For sure! If you step back and look at your life like it's a novel, it's such a beautiful story with wonderful characters with rich blessings!

I like to do that with my life. :)

Abbi said...

I love love love that picture!! It is perfect! When did you take it?? What a GORGEOUS family!! You are so blessed and you bless so many people too!

Emma said...

Well said Jessi! We too are so blessed, even though life is not perfect or easy.

Jessie said...

What a beautiful family and a wonderful perspective! Adam says that Mayberry doesn't have anything on you guys.

Sweetest Of All said...

Gorgeous picture. It is ALMOST perfect and if you think about it, since perfect is unattainable on our own, than nearly perfect is pretty amazing!
I love seeing photos of David with all his girls. I don't know why but it just tickles me. And makes me remember all the reasons why he was so darn likeable!

Elaine said...

Believe me when I say, " You are living the ideal life" Enjoy the ride and try not to expect too much... That way you won't freak if you get disappointed. Love the picture.

Michelle Pyne said...

So many things to be thankful for! A beautiful family is right up there on the top of the list. What a fun photo - commendations to the photographer and the photographed.

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

Thank you for your post. I feel the same way! Always wanting perfection and order in life, never quite getting it, but still very blessed! Hope all is well.