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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday "Prom"

Of all the activities we had planned this holiday season, the one that my older girls had their heart set on was to have a "prom." When I asked them what they wanted to do at prom they weren't quite sure-- they were just certain that they wanted to have one. So have one we did. First, my Mom styled their hair. Then they dressed up in their most beautiful dresses. We had a nice candle-light dinner served on red plates, and then we danced.

It was probably the best prom they will ever go to. :)


Shana said...

Oh my goodness!!!! How fun for everyone!! They look so pretty and I love, love, love that last pic! That is seriously hilarious!!
YES, I am sure it will be the best prom ever! :) Your mom is so sweet to do all of their hair!!!

Michelle Pyne said...

One of the highlights of Christmas '09. We had so much fun!

Elaine said...

Can you even imagine the Proms you will be involved in?? Get ready but this looks like the perfect start.