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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas memory lane

1. Best childhood gift from Santa: For most of my early childhood we didn't have much money. But somehow Santa managed to bring some wonderful things that must have taken a lot of time and energy to make-- like this doll and matching nightgown. I don't think that elves made that ensemble--Mrs. Clause made them herself!!

I also remember feeling absolutely beautiful in this tutu. :)

2. Best childhood memory: When we lived in Utah there were two Christmas traditions that I LOVED-- decorating cookies at my Grandma Pyne's house and acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve. I also remember looking for Santa out the car window as we drove home from my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. I was always a little worried that we would get home too late and that he wouldn't come. :)

3. Favorite Christmas Treat: Almond Roca (Mom & Dad-- they don't sell it here in Georgia, do they still have it in Oregon? Can you bring some?)

4. Icky Christmas Memory: Christmas 2000. I had a 4 day old baby, no family around, and McKenna woke up with pink eye. Pretty pathetic. But I did gain a little empathy for Mary & Joseph that Christmas, so it's not one I would ever trade.

5. It's not Christmas without: FAMILY! Even pink eye would be manageable with family around.

6. Letter or Visit to Santa? We usually got to see Santa at our church Christmas party. I remember listening to hear the reindeer landing on the church roof. I think this picture must have been at the Mall or something because I don't remember Santa looking so good at the ward parties. :)

7. Christmas pet peeve: Annoying holiday music. Where do the radio stations find some of that stuff?! It's awful.

8. Favorite Christmas album: "Christmas Tranquility." This is a CD I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of.

9. Real or Fake? Look at the picture and see if you can tell. :)

10. I spend Christmas Eve with: my side of the family. We usually have a big dinner and celebration with David's family on the Sunday before Christmas and then spend Christmas Eve with the Pyne family.

(Post Script: The tree is artificial. We ordered it from the website www.treeclassics.com.)


Elaine said...

Fun Memories,

tara said...

Those are fun memories. I love your decorating style, it's so country cute! Real or fake... I enlarged the picture and the top looks too perfect to be real, so I'm saying fake, but that is the best looking fake tree I've ever seen, if my guess is correct!? So you'll have to tell us which it is in a day or two!

Thanks for the tip on Kristin's book. I will have to check it out. It is hard to realize that everyone is going through something when you look around and it's not so readily obvious!

I love your blog Jessi, and I have loved getting to 'know' "Audra's sister" through it. You are an inspiration to me! We are having our 4th girl in April (:

Dani said...

I LOVE the photo of you and Audra in your tutus!! So cute!

So the tree looks real to me! But I'm hoping that you say that it's fake because I love the easiness of fake trees. Of course the real ones are prettier and smell better but the fake ones are so much easier! We have a small little fake tree that we've used for years. One of these years we will either upgrade to a really nice, bigger, fake tree (what I'd like to do) or start buying the really pretty, REAL trees (what my husband would choose). If your tree is fake, I think I could convince my husband to buy a tree just like that! We'd have it for a long long time and not have to mess with the hassles of a real tree. However, I did think it was fun as a kid to go out and pick out a real Christmas tree! Now I'm torn. What to do....

Dani said...

Oh yeah, I bought a candle this year that smells like a Christmas tree!

Andrea said...

Your house looks amazing. I am very impressed with 5 girls your house looks immaculate. I would say fake only because you asked us to guess, but it looks great. It makes me want to get a fake tree.
We are moving to Arizona soon so I will have to talk to you about ways to live with your family being so far away since you did it for so long. I am hoping mine moves near us like yours did!!

Merry Christmas!!

Shana said...

AWWW!!! I loved, loved, loved this post!! I have some of the same memories as you with grandpa and Grama. I loved decorating cookies at their home! I also LOVED coming home Christmas Eve and looking for Santa!! Some of my most favorite memories that I tell my kids about! I loved the pictures and YES, I totally think it was Mrs Clause herself that made that dress and dolly.
I remember that pic of you and Audra in your tutu's. Gee, how cute of a post!!!
So is your tree real or fake?
I say fake? I don't know...

MiandMiksmom said...

I am finally catching up on blogs! Your decorations are beautiful, as always...I miss you!