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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trust your gut

A couple days ago I noticed a white utility truck parked by the side of my neighbor's house. A man was laying on the grass next to it. My first thought was, "Hmmmm, suspicious. Maybe I should call the police to come check it out." But then I figured that he was waiting for something and was enjoying the beautiful fall sunshine. So I did not call the police.

The next day I got an e-mail from our neighborhood watch coordinator that made me wish I had followed my instincts. When my neighbor noticed the men in her yard (turns out there were two of them), she asked them what they were doing. They told her they worked for the gas company and that there was a gas leak. But the gas company they named is not the one my neighbor uses, and they could not provide any form of identification. When my neighbor told them that she would have been informed if there was a gas leak, they left. My neighbor called the police, but by the time the police responded the men were gone.

I'm kicking myself because I JUST went through the neighborhood watch classes and one of the things they stressed was that it's the citizen's responsibility to report suspicious behavior. The police WANT you to call them if you see something out of the ordinary. Looking back, I should have immediately called the police. They could have come out, questioned the men, and determined whether or not they were up to no good. Now, they are still out there and we're not sure what their intention was. Scary.

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