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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tantrums & Teaching

You would think that after a vacation like our cruise I would be so high on good memories that I could sail through life for a while.


Since we got home I've had a really hard time. My faith is being tested and I'm very frustrated that my will is not the Lord's will. My prayers are not being answered the way I want them to and it's making me mad. I'm trying to do what is right, but in many ways I see that my attitudes and emotions resemble a spiritual tantrum. I am so tired and feel like I just can't take any more. So I turn to God and beg and whine and cry and complain. I figuratively kick and scream because I want to get my way. Moments like this make me realize how spiritually immature I really am.

But I am trying to do better. And the Lord is gently teaching me. Today I came across THIS BLOG POST from the Deseret Book blog that was exactly what I needed in the moment.


Shana said...

Oh Jessi, I think we feel the same a lot of times. I too have been having a hard time like this. I will have to read that blog.
Thank you for sharing!

Stacey said...

So I was feeling down...the gloom and doom with the rain while friends were on sunny cruises! lol Anyways, I have been frustrated with my mood and at work I listened to confernce call about being grateful. The challenge is to say 3 things your grateful for out loud before getting out of bed and then write 6 things you are grateful for in a journal before going to bed. (Maybe even the bad things from the day that you learned) I've done the morning routine and you know what my attitude on the day has been so much better! It isn't the Lord who changes my attitude it is me who has control over that! Changing my mindset and putting positive grateful energy out in the universe has made a huge difference! When we are negative all we attract is negativity! Try it and let me know if it makes a difference for you like it has me!