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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Summer is FIVE!

Happy Birthday to Summer!!

Age: 5

Favorite colors: pink and red

Favorite thing to do: play with my friends; open my presents; cuddle Mommy

Favorite food: Doritos, Cheetoes

Like about yourself: that my hair is blonde

Favorite TV shows: Little Bear, Max and Ruby, Dragon Tales

Favorite chore: cleaning up the family room

Friends: Annabella, Cailey, my sister Emily

Want to be when grow up: a mom

Favorite music: "I like to see the temple"


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Summer! It is so fun to be 5!

Michelle Pyne said...

Happy Birthdayn Summer from Grandma and Grandpa Pyne! We Love You! We hope you had a very happy day!

Adam said...

I like how you do the questions and answers with your kids on their birthdays. Happy birthday Summer!