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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Not meant to be?

This year I really want to make my girls' Halloween costumes. Summer wants to be "Mary had a Little Lamb" and Emily wants to be "Little Miss Muffit."

I love the illustrations in Eloise Wilkin's "Mother Goose" and decided to use them as an inspiration for the costumes. I researched online and found the perfect pattern: Butterick 6659.

On Wednesday morning I loaded the kids in the car and drove 30 minutes down to Joann's to get the pattern and fabric. I was so excited. All the way down there I kept imagining how cute my girlies will be in their Halloween costumes. (Which would then double as PJ's once Halloween was over.) I was stoked. But my optimism deflated a little when I went to look for the pattern and they were OUT. And then when I went to look for fabric and they didn't have what I wanted. But I was determined, so I traveled to a different store. Still, no pattern. No fabric.

But I was REALLY determined. I went home and devised an alternate plan. I'd use a dress I already had for Emily and just make her a bonnet and pinafore and I would use a pattern I already had for Summer. So, I drove back to the store, bought fabric, and came home optimistic again. But, I bought the wrong amount of fabric for Summer's dress. Sigh. Still unwilling to give up, I decided to start on Emily's bonnet and pinafore. I cut them out last night and decided to sew them today.

I first put together Emily's bonnet. It was trickier than I remembered, but I got it mostly done. (Except for the chin ties because I ran out of fabric.) Then, I started on the pinafore. But I didn't get farther than the first step because somehow I cut the bib front 1 inch longer than the bib facing. (Which I cut out together in a double layer!?)

And THEN one of my daughters came home from school, picked up Emily's almost-finished bonnet and got chocolate on the brim.

I quit.


Jen said...

This post caused me to moan sympathetically in your behalf. I often find myself having to just put things away for a few weeks when I am dejected about them.

Sweetest Of All said...

so so so sorry!

Michelle Pyne said...

Some projects are like that. Don't give up, wash off the chocolate, and keep going! They will be darling, just like you imagined. Never, ever give up! (Especially on Halloween costumes)

Shana said...

:( Sorry!! keep going!! you can do it and it will be worth it in the end!!!