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Friday, September 25, 2009

I love my front porch

My front porch saved my sanity last night. Chloe is cutting a molar and has been a nightmare to be around. Yesterday she screamed at me pretty much all day and by evening I was at my wit's end. But David wasn't coming home until late so I had to cope. But I wasn't coping well. During dinner I finally told Lydia to take Chloe. At first Lydia just stood next to me waiting impatiently for me to finish eating. So, I told them to go away. They went outside onto our porch and miraculously Chloe stopped crying. So, after I finished eating I made Chloe a bottle and went to rock her on our porch swing. It was amazing. Chloe, who never cuddles for more than half a second, let me cradle her in my arms for about 30 minutes. She didn't scream or fuss or even really move. She was content and I was in heaven. I've had hundreds of peaceful, happy moments on our porch, but that was the best.

(My porch does not currently look like the picture above. The picture was taken in 2005 when I was able to really do it up right. But even without all the ferns and flowers it is still a beautiful, sweet sanctuary and I am so grateful for it.)


Michelle Pyne said...

I love your front porch too. I have happy memories watering the flowers and the ferns and swinging on the swing. So glad Chloe does too!

Dani said...

What a WONDERFUL front porch! I love it! I'm glad Chloe was able to calm down and give you a break! Teething is such a hard time on both mother and baby! I hope it goes better from here on out!

heather said...

oooohhhhh, i love your front porch too.

Shana said...

What a special moment and that is so nice of Lydia. I am so glad that you have those "older" girls to help out when needed. I know that I ask Brayden quite often to hold and play with Presley while I have something I just have to get done!! I love your home, yard and yes, your porch!

Elaine said...

Beautiful and peaceful, I need to see it in person.