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Friday, August 14, 2009

Trade offs

Last night I had a very important choice to make. I had time to either make dinner OR take the kids to the pool...........

We had cereal for dinner.


Audra said...

Well, there is no trade off for the girls - isn't cereal their favorite meal? :) They got the best of both worlds!

Good choice!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture with all your babies lined up!

Sweetest Of All said...

I still can't believe it, though I've seen it! FIVE GIRLS all in a pretty little blond row! I think perhaps God spotted a gorgeous woman and handsome man and decided to repopulate the world with your beautiful girls.

Michelle Pyne said...

Excellent decision! You are one wise woman!

Elaine said...

Good Choice !!

Jen said...

Cereal is our tradeoff dinner, too.

lydia said...

mommy in the first picture you can hardly see me but all the other ones love them and by the way i took some