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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing doctor

Yesterday I fell while walking down a steep gravel path and scraped up the entire front of my shin. (It hurt.) When we got home David took care of me with the bandages and supplies we had on hand. He did a very thorough job. Afterwards I felt much better. :)


Michelle Pyne said...

Ouchie pouchie! So sorry about the fall! So fortunate you have a talented healer who can take care of you and make it better. (When I first saw the picture, I thought one of the girls had gone crazy with a box of bandages.)

Emma said...

Ouch! I've skinned my shin just tripping on my own feet on flat sidewalk.

Rachel said...

Ouch! You have a sweet husband. :)

Shana said...

Lol, too cute! Sorry you got hurt!

Chris said...

Ouch!!! The first thing I do when I do something like that is get up and look around to see if anyone saw me!!