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Friday, July 10, 2009

Alive and Kickin'

It's been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks!! It started with Father's Day, then Abbi & Chad's arrival from Utah. (They are now permanent residents of the great state of Georgia!!) My sisters and I took a fabulous weekend get-away up to Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Our journey took us through the quaint and beautiful town of Dillsboro where we stopped at the Christmas shop and imagined what life was like a hundred years ago.

We had a week of frantic preparations, and then were blessed by the arrival of Adam and Jessie and my parents for an awesome family reunion.

The festivities started with a day in the North Georgia mountains. We picnicked, hiked, and played in the cool mountain water.

We marked the 4th of July with a festival-like celebration: swimming, games, relay races, wiffle ball, scrumptious food, fireworks, and a patriotic program. (During which I did not take a single picture.) :(
Some of our other fun activities included a day swimming and skiing on the lake, roller-skating, going to see the movie "Night at the Museum," a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and time splashing in the fountains at Centennial Olympic park. And in the midst of all of our revelry, my ward split and I have had the joy of making sure primary stays staffed and functional. (Stress.)

Usually I experience major post-family-reunion-blues, but I am determined to not let myself sink into that funk. We still have a few more weeks of summer vacation ahead of us and I'm looking forward to making them as memorable as I can.

Stay tuned..... I promise to be a better blogger in the future.


Audra said...

Yay! I have missed your posts.

We have had some seriously fun times together these past couple of weeks. Have you just soaked it all in and enjoyed it all? I think I have. These are the best of times!

Angela Draper said...

How fun that you made it up to Asheville! I live in NC and I still haven't made it over there yet. Some day!

Danielle said...

How fun, being with family is the best.

Michelle Pyne said...

We had a most wonderful time! We are fighting off post-family reunion blues by remembering how fun it was to be together, to laugh and play and celebrate. Can't wait til we come back!