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Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for me. It was Mother's Day. I spoke in church. And I was called to be the new primary president. By the end of the day I was emotionally exhausted-- and overwhelmed with gratitude. I was treated like a true queen by David and the girls, my talk went well, and I realized again how much fun primary can be. I have awesome counselors, superb teachers, and the outgoing presidency has a very well-organized program that I just need to keep rolling. I feel so very, very blessed.

And for all of the primary workers out there, give me your best advice. (Sally & Michelle-- tell me all your best primary secrets!!! I know you have some.)


Sweetest Of All said...


I was called yesterday as the First Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency - which as it turns out is a calling for only priesthood holders - so I'm wondering if they are going to give me that too :) At any rate, it just goes to show you that while I've been turning into more of a guy with each passing year, you are become a more brilliant woman and mother !!! Congratulations again!

Sally said...

Yay! Primary is crazy but fun! You'll be so great. My advice is this:

1.Be consistent. The kids need to know what to expect and what is expected of them.

2.Delegate--good counselors and a good secretary are such a blessing! I give my counselors an assignment, and get out of the way!

3.Be there for the teachers. Find ways to let them know you care. Be sure to visit their classes and interview them about their successes and frustrations. Ask what they need and then find a way to get it. If we show love to the teachers, they will show love to the children.

4. Not sure if your primary integrates sharing time and singing time, but SLC has requested it, and when it's done well, it brings a great spirit. But it does take more communication between presidency and music leader.

5. Two websites for ideas: www.sugardoodle.net and www.theideadoor.com

Hope that helps a little! And don't be too afraid of Scouting. It's complicated, but fun.

Michelle Pyne said...

Congratulations on making it through that responsibility-filled day and still being able to smile through it all! Your primary will love you!

Julee and Matt said...

Congrats! I loved all my primary callings...I have had a lot of them. You will be wonderful.

Jen said...

Give the chorister and piano player anything they want. Actually, I'm just saying that because I'm the chorister. I feel like I have to be the most flexible person in the primary because each counselor takes a month, so I have to change my approach every month. That said, I love my calling now even though I was sweating bullets the first few months.

Natalie said...

I wanted to tell you, Jessi, that your talk was perfection. I loved it. I felt like I was listening to an authority at Conference. (I guess after 4 years you would get good at it, huh?!) Thanks for your example. I truly believe you are the most qualified to give that talk. :) Love you!

Shana said...

OH WOW!!! Congrats! What a hard, but very wonderful calling!! You will do such a great job and those children will just love you! I am very happy for you Jessi and hope that all goes well. It is great to have couselors to help out, isn't it? My good friend loves being Primary Pres and says she could never do it without the help of her counselors. Love ya tons!
And Happy Late MOthers Day!

Elaine said...

You'll be great. I have seen it from every angle but Here's is my only advice. You can talk all you want but when all is said and done the kids will remember the music far longer. The spirit they get from singing and learning the message of the songs is all you need. Don't let anything get in the way of singing.

Elaine said...

oh and one more thing. If you had Morris as your Chorister and me as your pianst, we make Music REALLY REALLY fun. The kids love it and still after being out 3 years. They run to sit with Morris and give him hugs. I wish I could give you all my props and stuff I have made through the years.

Michelle said...

Oh Jessi! I am so excited for you. You will be a PHENOMENAL Primary Pres!!!! It is busy, crazy, and SO MUCH FUN! I 100% agree with everything Sally has said. Make sure you and all your counselors have a Sharing Time on hand for emergencies. (like if you have extra time that needs to be filled or your Class Presentation forgets) then you are prepared with something and not caught off guard. Can you tell I am talking from experience?! :) If you ever need ideas for Activities or anything let me know. I would love to share what we have done! Good luck!!! You will be great!