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Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Audra!

This is my sister, Audra. She is one of the BEST people in the whole entire world. Everyone who knows her agrees with me. (Right, everyone?!) If you haven't had the privilege of meeting her yet, check out her blog. You will LOVE her. And you will be INSPIRED by her.



Emma said...

Yes Audra is awesome! Happy Birthday to her!

Audra said...

Thank you so much Jess! You made me happy.:)

Natalie said...

I've only met her a couple of times and I agree...she's amazing!
Happy Birthday, Audra! Did you guys ever do the double party thing?

Shana said...

OH GOODNESS! I can't believe I forgot her birthday. Seems I forget everything these days!! Darn it! She is beautiful and amazing and I love her so much!!! I hope she had a great birthday!

Diana said...

I didn't realize your birthdays were so close together.