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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cookie day

There is something about fall that puts me in the mood to bake. So, when my girls were complaining that they were "so bored!" this morning I told them they could each choose a different kind of cookie to make and we'd spend the day making cookies. McKenna chose chocolate no-bake cookies, Lydia chose peanut butter, Emily chose chocolate chip, and Summer chose pumpkin white chocolate chip. (Actually, I chose the pumpkin, but Summer helped me make them.) My house smells so good right now.


Sally said...

Wow, that's a lot of cookies! Just think, when Chloe's a little older you'll get to add one more type of cookies. You guys could open up a shop.

Michelle Pyne said...

Being the Cookie Monster that I am, I just want to reach in for a handful! Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm!

Chris said...

They look bakery perfect!! And I'm sure they are even better than the bakery. They look yummy!!