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Friday, September 12, 2008


For history's sake, here are the details of Chloe's birth....

9:30am on September 9 (Summer's 4th birthday!) I had a doctor's apt. and asked them to strip my membranes. That's what set me into labor with my last three, so I figured it would work again.

11:00am pick up donuts to take to Summer's school to celebrate her birthday. I'd really hesitated asking them to strip my membranes on her birthday because I didn't want them to have to share a birthday, but when it came down to it I was DONE being pregnant and figured that if they were a day apart it would still be okay. In the future we'll make an extra effort to make them feel special.

1:00-6:30pm at home, having occasional contractions, but nothing regular. I made Summer's birthday cake, fixed dinner, and packed my hospital bag just in case.

6:30pm Summer's birthday "party." Cake, ice cream, presents, and some very hyper kids. (Just our family, Audra's family, and some neighbor kids)

9:00pm tuck the kids in bed. Contractions getting harder but still not regular. Discuss baby names with David.

10:00pm go to bed and try to sleep. Contractions still coming irregularly.

12:00-2:00am Contractions becoming more regular.

2:00am on September 10 decide it's time to go to the hospital. Call David's parents to come sit with the kids.

3:00am on our way to the hospital! Contractions about 5 minutes apart and painful.

3:00-4:30am Check into the hospital, get my IV and epidural.

4:30-7:30am Sleep

7:30am Start to feel pressure. Call the nurse. Get the okay to push and have a baby!

7:46am Baby Girl #5 is born! (She still won't have a name for another 30 hours.)

And of course it was love at first sight. She was fat and pink and perfect. We decided to keep her FOREVER.


Dani said...

She is so beautiful! What a cool birth story! I can't believe that from the time you started to feel pressure to the time she was born was only 16 minutes! I'm so glad everything went so well for you! Enjoy your new little baby girl! She's adorable!

Emma said...

Glad everything went well. She is beautiful. You look fabulous even after giving birth! Welcome Chloe.

Chris said...

You and I have a similar story. I went to the doctor on Jareds 5th birthday. He told me since I went 9 days over with the first two kids that I most likely would go over with this one too. Well, I went home and was in the middle of Jareds birthday party and started contractions. Needless to say the doctor was surprised to see me. So Jared and Troy are a day apart also. She's just beautiful. Congratulations!!!

Shana said...

Oh gee, why am I so emotional!??? How sweet. I get all choked up reading this. What a precious sweetie and you look beautiful Jessi!! What a gorgeous Mom of 5 beautiful daughters!! Congrats!

Nisa said...

Congratulations! You know when people say that new mom's are beautiful. . . well I've always thought they were full of poo. But seriously, you have never looked more beautiful than you do in that photo. Jess, congratulations on bringing an amazing baby girl into the world. We love you!

Kami said...

What a beauty! Congrats to you and your family! Love the name!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! Those cheeks are so scrumptious! :) I am so glad she came early for you! Take care.

Kimberlie said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Michelle Pyne said...

What a little beauty-cutie! I am just aching to hug and kiss her! Congratulations on a job well-done! So thankful everything went well, and that she came early!

Rachel said...


Congratulations on your fifth perfect little angel girl! She is beautiful. There's nothing like a new baby, fresh from Heaven. Enjoy every single moment as they grow way too quickly and before you know it, they're five months old and rolling over! :(

Big hugs to you from Duck country.

Angela Draper said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. I am glad that you and baby are both healthy. What a blessing!