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Monday, August 18, 2008

More than words

On Saturday I received one of the best gifts ever. Audra, Mike, and their boys came over and weeded my yard and cooked me dinner.

The entire backyard resembled this picture below, and has been like that since about May. It's seriously been the thorn in my side. But with my big belly in the way it was a project I just couldn't keep up with. (And David hasn't had the time to take care of it.) It'd gotten so bad that the kids in the neighborhood would talk about the "jungle" we had in our backyard and would sing "lions, and tigers, and bears" when they would come over.

It was bad. REALLY BAD. But within a couple hours of combined labor they were able to transform a totally depressing situation into one that brings me such JOY.

Seeing all the kids out there working together (even Summer and Tanner!!!) just melted my heart. And knowing that Audra and Mike were sensitive to how much those weeds bothered me and were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to come take care of the problem is just more than words can express.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Someday hopefully I can return the favor.


Nisa said...

Wow, Audra you are awesome. That was true service. Any pregnant woman would stand in awe at the consideration and personalized service that you extended to your sister. What a touching gift.

Emma said...

How fabulous! Audra is awesome in many ways!

MiandMiksmom said...

You just brightened my day!!! What a great story!

Sally said...

Wow! That is so stinkin' nice! Weeds have become my enemies, as well, and I think they're winning at the moment. Go Audra!

Michelle Pyne said...

Way to go Mike, Audra, Kyle, Jordan, Tanner and Joshie (he gave moral support I'm sure)!!!!! That's a great way to show true love! You are awesome! That makes me happy too, just as happy as Jessi!

Diana said...

Hooray for families helping each other out!

Audra said...

It was such a wonderful night seeing both families work together. I'll remember that night much better than the other nights I've sat in front of the T.V.!

Shana said...

HOW SWEET!! I bet that was wonderufl and what a great sister! You two sure love and know how to serve one another. I love that about you guys!! You take care of each other when you are in need of it most. I bet you were grateful!! I wish I lived near so I could help you out too! That is funny about your dream... And pretty soon... It will come true!! :) You are so cute JEssi. I think you should post a new pic of you and your little belly! I would love to see it. For sure get some pregnancy photos!! I can't believe you are about to have your little one!!!