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Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking forward

Besides a brand-new baby to look forward to, I have two additional experiences to anticipate:

Almost 2 years ago we saw that Les Mis was coming to Atlanta and we were determined to go. And so we're going! (Roughly 1 week after I give birth.) This baby better not be late because I have a show to watch!!!

And then when the girls and I heard that Wicked was coming, too (on my birthday none-the-less!!) we figured we couldn't pass up that opportunity either.
I'm typically an ultra-frugal person. (Like the only shopping I ever do is to the grocery store!) But when it comes to Broadway theater I am willing to splurge. I'd rather eat Top Roman for a month than regret missing these experiences. :)
What are you looking forward to??


Abbi said...

Ah!!! SO FUN!!! I am totally with you, those shows are so worth the money to me. I am so excited for you!

Natalie said...

I think i'm doing Wicked too! My mom and brother say it's amazing...they saw it in NYC.

Emma said...

I would love to see both of those shows! I have a hard time leaving my infants, I don't know if I could make it to a show that soon after. Have fun.

I am looking forward to having this baby, but not for at least 12 more days! I wanted to be back in WA and unpacked before I have to worry about that.

I'm also looking forward to David going to 1st grade. He loves school.

Shana said...

Awesome Jessi!! That will be so nice for you to get out and enjoy yourself after giving birth!! I am so jealous. I am looking forward to Disneyland in Oct!! :)
Love ya!

Audra said...

Is it too late to get tickets to Les Mes?

I think I need that to look forward to.

I also looking forward to Aug. 11.

Michelle Pyne said...

How fun! I will experience these vicariously through you. Dad and I are going to see Phantom in September on our way up to the BYU Washington football game. Have you seen that at the theatre? If not, you will have to experience that through me!

Kate said...

I'm going to "Wicked" too. I'm so excited! When Phantom comes back in town, I totally want to go see it.

Mommom said...

I had to comment - You'll love Wicked! Dh and I loved it so much (he surprised me with tickets and we had to travel a little to see it) that when we found out it was going to be where we live we bought season tickets to be sure we could have tickets to the show.

It was just that good. So I've got a couple of shows thrown in that should be fun to see as well. Oh and btw - I don't think there are any bad seats for the show - I don't care how you get there :)

Elaine said...

HAVE a GREAT TIME and in the mean time go see MAMA MIA at the movies

Rachel said...

Les Mis is the BEST!!!! You'll want the soundtrack afterwards. And you'll want to replay it over and over and over again singing along and remembering your favorite parts. ENJOY!