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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Piano Recital

I've been trying for THREE DAYS to upload video of my girls playing their songs at their piano recital with no success. So, pictures will have to suffice.

They both did a fabulous job and I was as proud as any stage mom could be. :)


Natalie said...

Miss Natalie was proud too! They both did an amazing job and I was as proud as any piano teacher could be. (and your snickerdoodles rocked!) Thanks for your help today. That was superfun!

Michelle Pyne said...

Way to go McKenna and Lydia!! Will you play your recital pieces for Grandpa and I over the phone? We want to hear you play!

Nisa said...

ARe the videos long? I had an easier time posting short clip videos. The longer ones, never uploaded.

Kami said...

Good job! Lydia has such good wrist posture! I never could play like that though. I'm a slacker! I want to hear them play!