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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kickin' the habit

When we were dating David told me that there were three things he didn't really like about me: 1) I was a vegetarian, 2) I listened to country music, and 3) I bit my nails. Since that time I'm no longer a vegetarian, David has decided that he likes "some" country music, and I'm trying (again) to quit biting my nails. Pretty soon I'll be the perfect wife! :)


Nisa said...

Way To Go Jessi! Glad that his list was so very short.

But I'll miss my nail biting companion. Although there have been several times that I've kicked the habit and I do love having nails. That is until I'm changing diapers again, and then I take the nail clippers to them and clip them as short as they'll go.

acte gratuit said...

When I met Doug there were three things I didn't like about him:
1) He liked Country Music
2) He listened to Country Music
3) He listened to Country Music

Good thing I'm so darn tolerant, because he HASN'T kicked that filthy habit!

As for long, manicured nails, they are highly over-rated. Tell David you'll grow yours out when he grows his!

Michelle Pyne said...

Your nails are looking very beautiful! Just keep nail polish on them and you will be set!

Chris said...

Way to go Jessi!! I don't bite my nails anymore but that's only because for umpteen years I had acrylic ones. I finally took them off a few months ago and I love it even though my nails aren't the greatest. It's saving me a lot of money too. If I can suggest one thing it would be Biotin. It's over the counter and it sure has helped my nails.

Audra said...

Love that polish. I'm choosing that one next.:)

Sally said...

I think that's great that David told you what bugged him about you before you were married! Brad and I didn't have that conversation until after our wedding. We were still all, "Oh he's/she's PERFECT!" during the engagement.

Kjirsten said...

It's a good thing you had a few "flaws" or you wouldn't have chosen him for your husband! He's one lucky guy, and I'm sure he'll be the first to agree. Not only are you the perfect wife (with darn cute fingernails) you are also the perfect cousin. Thank you for hosting Jan, he had the best time ever! Everything is Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Jessi, Jessi, Audra, Dave and Mike. We'll be sending out thank you cards soon, but I couldn't resist thanking you now.

Shana said...

GOOD JOB!! :) You are the perfect wife babe!!!!