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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

We've had my cousin Jansen visiting since Wednesday and it's been non-stop FUN since he got here. Audra is our "personal paparazzi" (according to Jan) and has done an awesome job capturing the essence of the past few days. (It is so great to have such a talented photographer in the family!!) But, here are a few of my pictures to add.

WEDNESDAY: BBQ & Swimming at Audra & Mike's pool.

THURSDAY: Picnic & swimming at Vogul.

Playing in the water at the Helton Creek Falls. The water was ICE cold. But it was a nice relief from the typical Georgia heat. (At least my super-insulated self thought so.)

FRIDAY: Ward 4th of July breakfast. The food was great, the male quartet (consisting of David, his dad, brother, and nephew) was the highlight of the program, and David's team won the softball game.

SATURDAY: Swimming & boating at the lake. (McKenna finally tried to ski..... and loved it!) And the water is depressingly low, but right now I am trying not to think about that.

Right now Mike, David, & Jansen are with the older kids at a Braves game. I'm telling you, the fun just doesn't stop!


Michelle Pyne said...

You are having fun back there in Georgia! We LOVE the pictures! As I told Audra, this is the next best thing to being with you! We hope the Braves won the game. Keep those pictures coming!

Michelle Pyne said...

And congratulations to McKenna - you are a great water skiier, just like your Mom and Dad!!

Audra said...

It has been a great week - full of fun and adventure.

I love your pictures! Thanks for the compliment - I haven't taken as many pictures as I should have though!

So glad you got one of Josh and those sunglasses!

Fab7 Family said...

A pool, a lake, and baseball?? It does sound like the perfect recipe for summer fun.