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Friday, July 18, 2008

Assignment accomplished


This morning I finished binding the other quilt! (I can totally hear your enthusiastic applause.) :) Now, after ten months of guilt for not finishing them I can put a big check mark on my "things to do" list. Man, that feels good.


Michelle Pyne said...

That is the best feeling - to finally do something that is hard for you! You have my heartfelt congratulations!

Nisa said...

It really is too bad that binding quilts isn't as much fun as completing the patchwork. Congratulations!!!

Chris said...

Isn't that a good feeling when you've accomplished one of your goals!! Way to go!!

Abbi said...

Yahoo for Jessi!! I am so happy for you! You should be SO proud of yourself.

Brynn said...

Good job. What a woman you are.. Your such a great mom and a seamstress. Something I cant do is sew (or quilt).. I'm very impressed.

i'm kelly said...

that is awesome. binding is that little all important task that i too often put off.