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Thursday, May 22, 2008

And the winners are...

Emily, Julee, and Rachel were first in line and will be the recipients of something (hopefully) wonderful in the near future. I have Emily's address, but if Julee & Rachel can send me their mailing addresses I'd appreciate it! My e-mail is: jessigoulding(at)bellsouth(dot)com. (And let me know if you want to be surprised or if you want to choose from a few different options that I could make for you!)

And just because I feel the need to complain.... Poison ivy is H-E-double-hockeysticks. I've tried pretty much every treatment posted on the internet and I am barely remaining sane. They say it can take up to TWO WEEKS for it to go away. It's torture I tell you--TORTURE!! And for the record, this isn't just a couple spots that itch. My entire right arm is covered with disgusting, painful blisters, along with several spots on my left arm and both hands. Almost every time my kids look at me they say, "oh, gross." Yeah. Gross and painful. (Thanks for listening. I feel a little better now.)


Rachel said...

I am so sorry about the poison ivy! What a bummer. Have you tried Technu? That's what Kent and Ludene always had around their house and used when someone caught poison ivy up in the wooded area. Can't tell ya if it works that great or not - I've never tried it. Good luck. I hope the itch goes away SOONER than LATER.

Thanks for the prize! I'm way excited. I'll email you right now...


Julee & Matt said...

Hopefully your poison ivy goes away soon. I e-mailed you with my address and I am so excited to get my prize and please make it a surprise!

acte gratuit said...

WAHOO! Thank you Google Reader!!!

I'm very sorry about the Poison Ivy! I'll stop whining about my cold now.

BTW, I got an anonymous comment from "Eddie Van Halen" today. Weird.

Michelle Pyne said...

Ouch ouch ouch. You have my complete and heart-felt sympathy. I hope the worst is past and that from now on you just get better every day!