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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pillow Talk

If you ever wonder what other couples talk about after the kids go to bed, here is a sneak peak into some of our bedroom conversations:

  • Who would win in a fight between a grizzly bear and a lion?
  • What packs more force per square inch: Mike Tyson's punch or a grizzly bear paw swipe?
  • Who will win the NCAA basketball tournament?
  • What sport has the most skilled all-around athletes? (ie, if you challenged a baseball player, a soccer player, a football player, and a basketball player to a multi-sport competition, who would win?)

David's and my opinions differ regarding the answers to some of these questions, and it can become a battle of the minds as we try and prove our points. Most discussions come to a stale-mate when I quit arguing and David thinks he has proven his point. :)


John said...

So, in other words, the discussion comes to a stale-mate when David wins???


Crystal said...

Yes John, Jessi has made him think he has won.

I know our discussions are a lot different than yours and Dave's. Although Dale is putting much more thought into his NCAA bracket this year.

Abbi said...

I think UCLA is going to win and I'm thinking an NBA pointguard like Deron Williams would win the contest.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else besides Abbi want to take a shot at answering correctly the aformentioned questions?


Sally said...

Daron Williams? I think there are people outside the Utah Bubble that would do better--my vote is for Peyton Manning.

As for Mike Tyson vs a Bear: the bear all the way.

I'm interested in YOUR answers!

Michelle Pyne said...

Here's my answers: 1. Grizzly bear. 2. Grizzly bear. 3. I think it will be North Carolina 4. Depends entirely on what 'skills' you test them on. How did I do?

Jessi said...

My answers were:
1. Lion (because they are used to attacking large prey. It would go right for the jugular.)
2. Mike Tyson's punch has more force per square inch because of his speed and the smaller surface area. (David strongly disagreed, and now that I've seen my Mom's answer I'm not so confident that I am right.)
3. North Carolina. (I have NC, Kansas, Stanford, and UCLA in my final four with NC & UCLA playing in the finals.)
4. In a "you play my sport, I'll play yours" competition where each sport selected its most "athletic" representative I think the basketball player would win. David disagrees and thinks the baseball player would have a huge advantage. I would LOVE to see this sort of competition someday to resolve the debate once and for all.

Kami said...

you play my game and i'll play yours should be a new sport. I would watch it.

Crystal said...

1. Lion. I am with you on the instinct to attack and kill that a lion possesses. It is a born killer.

2. Grizzly Bear. Sorry Jessi. I disagree.

3. North Carolina was my pick. Did you see there win lose ratio. Impressive.

4. I agree with you on basketball player. There body frames alone show their strength and agility. Have you seen the bellies of many baseball players. Ok, it is mostly the baseball pitchers whose bodies need work. I would give a little more credit to an outfielder, but still my vote is basketball.