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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Perfect Jeans: Do they exist?

Okay, so I'm not exactly in the market for some hip & stylish jeans. But this morning as I put on my nice & comfortable jeans I started fantasizing about how someday I'll have my body back--and I decided that when I do I want some super-cute jeans. But here is my problem.... In the past I've gone to the store, tried on a bizillion pair of jeans, bought something I thought was hip & stylish only to wear them a couple times are realize that they are nice & comfortable. (I always seem to have a saggy-in-the-rear problem). So, please share all you know about the tricks to buying the perfect jean. I've got a lot of time to plan and I am determined to get it right next time.


Audra said...

Sometimes there are good workers in the store that can help you, but then sometimes there are not.

And then there is the problem of looking real good in a pair of jeans, but they aren't that comfortable.

I say that if you get up the next morning wanting to wear the new pair of jeans you bought, then you are probably good. If you are hesitant in any way (because they are too tight, too uncomfortable, too saggy, etc.) then take them back!

Anyway, why am I typing all this? I never buy the perfect jean! What the heck do I know!

MiandMiksmom said...

I have an answer that neither of us like very much: My friend who is never afraid to splurge looked FABULOUS in her jeans about three months after she had her baby. So I asked her, and they were $250 jeans she bought at a boutique. I guess spending that much, knowing that you look good, feel good and also knowing that you don't need to buy five pair...just one, can maybe be justified, but that's still a stretch for me!

Mindy said...

Designers tend to design around a size 2. So it's not a matter of the perfect jeans but the perfect booty.

My husband told me I need to be willing to spend more than $30, and maybe I'd get a better fit. I haven't done it, yet. I'm still walking around with two pairs of jeans with holes in the left knee.

Urg, I hate buying jeans. It's up there with buying a good swimsuit.

Nisa said...

When I was pregnant with Sydney I needed one pair of cute jeans that I could dress up with fun shirts (one that didn't have a full belly panel and a stylish front). So I splurged at Babystyle.com and purchased some dark denim, stretch jeans that looked fantastic. I didn't get to wear them far into the third trimester but I loved having one pair of hot jeans even though I was pregnant. Just a warning though, they cost about $80, so try looking at the outlet too or check for babystyle at the local mall. But I loved them.
When you are not pregnant, just go into the nearest teeny-bopper store, a nice upscale one. And have the girls help you pick out jeans. But I'll warn you - they are pricey!
Oh and you have to eat some twinkies and grow a bum. I'd let you borrow some of mine if I could!

Nisa said...

Oh I almost forgot. They have these booty making panties that are like a push up bra for your bum. Then if you get the back pockets styled just right for your bum, you'll be booty-licious. In fact, this is probably their name, ahah!

Sally said...

I don't think they exist!

Kami said...

The way I do it, is I go to a place that has designer clothes but not high prices. Like don't go to JC Penny looking. Go to a chick store at the mall. But not a store like Abercrombie. Try American Eagle or something. Find a pair of jeans that fit good, and (this is the most important part) it sounds a little much, but seiously, find a pair that cups your butt. Not just hugs it, but kind of cups it. Then NEVER dry your jeans in the dryer! Dryers shrink and mangle the form of your jeans. Then when you wear them again, they stretch and take on a new form that never fits quite the same. I always air dry my jeans, and my butt has looked good in the same pair of pants for over a year. That's my advice. Good luck!

Kate said...

Okay, so I wrote this big long comment about jeans, and Addyson turned off the computer before I could post it.
Get a dark wash jean, get one that sits below the navel...low rise. Never wear tapered jeans or pants for that matter. If you want a smaller looking bum, then opt for jeans w/ big pockets, if you want a bigger lookig bum, then get ones with smaller pockets. The flap pockets flatter most everyone. You want your jeans to fit snugly, not loosely, and yes, never put your jeans in the dryer...I learned this the hard way. To get a GREAT pair of jeans you're probably going to have to spend $80 - $150. YIKES This is why I know these facts, but don't have any GREAT jeans! My friends that have "Sevens" swear by them, and I have to admit that they always look fabulous in their jeans, and they don't all have great bodies. You can get these online for a discount, but Macy's carries them as well.
good luck!!!

Kate said...

I forgot to add...don't take your hubby w/ you to buy jeans. He will think your butt looks hot in all of them. Take a friend who isn't afraid to tell you the truth. (not that your hubby won't, it's just that he really will think you look great in everything...). I took Carolina Youngblood with me to buy a swimsuit and it was GREAT b/c she told me if my boobs looked flat or my butt was hanging out too much, etc. So, when she said I looked great in a suit, I totally believed her and bought it!!

I have seen some girls lately who's "way cute jeans" were from Express, but it is hit or miss there.

Kortney said...

Hey Kami! What's wrong with Abercrombie?? I have a pair and they are absolutely amazing!! Love them, my favorite pair. (I paid $24.00 on Ebay) Aeropostale also makes a super cute, comfy, well fitting jean.(about $25.00) Good Luck Jessi!!

Abbi said...

I say listen to Kate--Dave will think your booty looks hot in anything, so don't worry about it! :) No reason to spend $100 for pants just so you can be uncomfortable and try to look good for people who will only be jealous of you and think now they have to spend the same amount of money to compete with your hotness...But you know me! So practical, and not very fashionable! :)

i'm kelly said...

i LOVE jeans. i think that is all i wear, they are seriously the greatest. and if you can get a good pair or two you are totally set. i'd suggest going to nordstroms & head to either TBD or Saavy. both carry designer jeans. be forewarned that they are pricey... from $150+. but, the way i look at it, i seriously wear them every single day, so i can afford to splurge. grab a sales girl & have her make suggestions. try them on, & ask for the sales peoples advice. they know the jeans better than anyone, and they know which ones fit which bodies. plus, nordstoms will tailor your jeans for free, which is a plus. & make sure when you buy them they are TIGHT. because most jeans will stretch. so if you buy a size 30, they may even stretch out to 31 or 31.5.

Cami said...

So my husband is an expert on designer jeans, which I guess he refined while we lived in Orange County, CA. All the jeans I have anymore are designer jeans and they definitely fit and look the best but I will not pay the designer jean price. My favorites are 1921, Joe's Jeans and Rock and Republic. The 2 best places I have found for buying them are Nordstrom Rack and mychloelane.com - Chloe Lane is a high fashion boutique in Park City, UT but every now and then they have a 75% off sale online where you can get $200 jeans for $40, you just need to know your size in the brand you want.