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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My better half

As I have mentioned before, I have a very busy husband. We make the most of our time together, but generally that time is rather limited. So, you can imagine my delight when I found out he was going to take the holidays OFF (or as close to off as he gets). We have spent the last 12 days together and I have loved every minute. Today is his first day back to work, so to help quench my "I miss my husband" loneliness, I thought it would be fun to give you an official introduction to my cool, awesome husband.

  • The first thing most people notice about him (besides his dashing good looks!) is that he does not have a right hand. (He was born without one.) And for anyone that knows him it is a complete non-issue.
  • He LOVES to play sports and is extremely athletic. He played on two national championship Pop Warner football teams as a kid and was a pitcher through most of his baseball career (which led into college at BYU). He is now the main "come out and play" recruiter in our area. Every Saturday he tries to organize a flag-football game, every Thursday he tries to get people together to play basketball, and in the spring & fall he puts together a softball team. He also will take advantage of any opportunity to play tennis or golf or to go skiing or snowboarding. If there is an chance to play, David will be there!
  • He almost never sleeps in. He either gets up early to work or to play sports, but he is always up early.
  • During the summer he is happiest at the lake water-skiing. He is an awesome slalom skier. He also wake-boards, and is a MEAN tube rider (and driver).
  • His favorite work is yard work (or anything that gets him moving outside). He also considers himself a very proficient vacuumer, but that skill doesn't manifest itself too often.
  • He is an entrepreneur. For the first few years of our marriage I tried to discourage his business dreams because "I wanted benefits!", but now that he has started his own business I see that is what he needs to be doing. He is really good at what he does and is a smart and savvy businessman.
  • He taught himself (with a few instructions from his Mom & brother) to play the piano. I took lessons for 3 years and he plays far better than I do.
  • He has a great singing voice.
  • He loves learning new things and always amazes me with his ability to just figure things out. There are things he knows how to do that I can't figure out how he learned how to do them. (Like building houses).
  • He is one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet. He likes to joke that "everything is a competition." But he is also one of the best sports you'll ever meet. I've never seen him lose his temper in a competition (or "let" the other person win).
  • He has a profound understanding of the gospel. I appreciate his wisdom and insight as he leads our family and fulfills his responsibilities at church.
  • He likes to eat. On our first date we went to a restaurant and I suggested that I just "have a bite of his." He was quick to explain that he wanted ALL his food, and that if I wanted a few bites he would buy me my own and then eat whatever was left over. (He has since learned to share.) But he remains of family's "garbage disposal." (And NEVER seems to gain weight no matter how much he eats!)
  • He is a fun & involved father. Even after an exhausting day he comes home cheerful and ready to play with our kids. Their favorite activity with him is bouncing on the trampoline.
  • I've noticed lately that he has a great eye for design. (Although he wouldn't want me to tell you that because he jokes that it decreases his masculinity). ;)
  • He is everything (and MORE) than I ever hoped for in a husband and I am forever grateful he picked me to be his wife!


Brynn said...

You have a great husband and obviously a great relationship. Hope he knows how lucky he is.

John said...

That's neat. What does he do for a living? Build houses - as in new constructions or repairs or what? Or does he do something else?

Nisa said...

I'm fairly certain that when you decided to date David, I was sad and frustrated because you would most certainly marry him and move out of my life forever. And who would give me balance, in a jessi-less existence.

But then I got to know him, and I still tried to dislike him. But I remember you once saying that you couldn't wait to date "men" - there weren't a whole lot of those freshman year - and here you had found one of the greatest men I ever knew at BYU.

So while I was sad to lose you, I'll never begrudge the fact that you saw one of God's great gifts and jumped at the opportunity to bind your life with his forever. Of course, as great as he his, he still got the best end of the deal. But as years went on and people asked about you - it was always easy to describe how great your sweet husband was for you! In fact, I miss him a just a little myself.

Kjirsten said...

Yes, Dave is a great guy, but I still say he "married up" and I'm sure he will agree with me. He'll never be good enough for you in my book...until he moves you back to Utah, (where you belong)and then he'll be my favorite!

Kami said...

I never knew a lot about David, so that was fun! He is a great guy, and you're both lucky to have each other!

Crystal said...

What a great blog. You do have a wonderful husband. I have noticed what a good sport Dave is. He is always a calming influence. That is hard when there are children and chaos everywhere. I am jealous about the 12 days. I got 2. They were two really relaxing fun days though. Like you, I try to make the most of what I get.

Chris said...

Jessi you are so blessed. What a wonderful tribute to David. He's an awesome person and husband and dad. I loved reading each one about him. You two are perfect for each other!!

Michelle Pyne said...

What a beautiful tribute! I'd say you two go together like peas and carrots!

Shana said...

That was so cute Jessi! I love my time with Jake too and I already missed him today! I bet you LOVED having David home and yes, he is a great husband!!! I have always admired him. He is a lucky man too!! :)

MiandMiksmom said...

What a great tribute! He is a wonderful guy! You two were meant for each other. His attibutes wear me out...seriously, I would like to bottle his energy.

Sally said...

I remember when you two started dating, everyone in our apartment was a little disappointed that he was "off the market", but totally happy for you guys, too, becasue anyone who knows you can see how well you go together.

Abbi said...

Wow, David should feel good about himself--he is raking in the comments! :) J/K. You did an excellent job of summing up your husband in a dozen or so statements. Love you, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kjirsten and Nopisopa, I was thinking the same thing as I read this entry...I certainly did "marry up". My eternally better half rivals even Mary Poppins - "practically perfect in every way."


Kimberlie said...

I agree with David on the Mary Poppins analogy. What a great tribute to David. I don't know him really... oh wait now I do :)