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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muffy, Brownie, & Bunny

Almost every night we go on a bear, bunny, and dog hunt because my kids cannot sleep without their favorite stuffed animals. Emily's puppy dog, Muffy and teddy bear, Brownie are recently essential to her bedtime routine. And Summer has LOVED her bunny for most of her life.

For almost a year Bunny was "gone", but when Summer found it she latched on even tighter than before and I don't have the heart to take it from her.

I figure, anything that makes bedtime easier is good for me! (Although sometimes I wonder how they can sleep in such crowded beds).


Chris said...

That is so cute!! When Shana was little she had a giraffe that she coudln't sleep without. Even when she was in Jr and Sr. High it was in her bed.

Kami said...

How cute! I don't get how they sleep with them all either. Alex used to have about 6 or more animals in bed with her when she went to bed. Now we've limited that to 1 though. I used to try and sleep with a bear but I always pushed it out of bed in my sleep.

Sally said...

No kidding! Our guy has a queen size bed, and it's still crowded with all his "lovies".

It's so cute, though, isn't it? I especially love that he's attached to some of the same ones that I attached to as a child.

Shana said...

I loved my girafee!! I miss it! I loved to sleep with it. My friend Jordan Brown gave it to me when I was like 4. We are still friends and I used to work for his dad before we moved to Tooele. :) They are such adorable girls and anything to make bedtime easier... GO FOR IT!! :)

Abbi said...

I love the first sentence of this post--bear, bunny, and dog hunt. :) I think their love for their stuffed animals is so endearing.

Audra said...

cute, cute!

Kimberlie said...

My kids have never been attached to something. Elicia used to have this blanket but one day she told me she was too big for it and didn't need it anymore. It made me sad. I think it's so cute when kids do this.

Michelle Pyne said...

Did they get this from their Mom? Remember Bumbo the Elephant and Snoopy the dog? And your favorite silky blanket? That's what all those stuffed animals are made for - to make life a little easier for a child!